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Club Classics: Frodo & Bolsty

Jan 31st 2013 | Staff Writer


1. Express - GHOST (Ghost), 2000.
It's a cliché but dubstep wouldn´t have been the same without El-B, J Da Flex and the rest of the Ghost crew. Their tunes were soulful yet dark, had big basslines and tons of groove. Express is simply a perfect example of just how good these guys were. Anything to do with Ghost or El-B from around that time is an instant buy on sight for me.

2. Has It Come To This? - THE STREETS (679 Recordings), 2002.
I remember my mate rocking up at my house with a burned CD copy of “this new album” (Original Pirate Material) by ”some guy called The Streets”. We had a listen and enjoyed it so much we went straight to the record store, not to buy the album, but to write down the tracklist. Shameless. That was more than 10 years ago and this is still one of my all time favourite albums. Has It Come To This? is just one of those tracks that brings a smile to every face the moment it´s dropped.

3. I Luv U - DIZZEE RASCAL (XL Recordings), 2003.
Dizzee wasn´t just one of the best grime MCs back then, he was also a very talented producer. I don´t know why but I´m a sucker for that big gabber bass kick. It´s a pretty aggressive tune but it always seems to work. Say what you want about Dizzee but he meant business when he was in his teens!

4. Midnight Request Line - SKREAM (Tempa), 2005.
This one´s a no brainer for me. One of the very first tunes that got me into dubstep music back in the day when I was more or less all about drum & bass.  My copy has been absolutely battered but after all these years it still seems to find its way into my bag on a regular basis. Don't talk about dubstep if you don't know Midnight Request Line.

5. Mud - LOEFAH (DMZ), 2006.
Back when Loefah was king and actually released music. I´ve had multiple drunken arguments about which one is better, Mud or the flipside, Rufage. Don´t get me wrong, Rufage is hench but for me it´s still all about Mud. Words can´t describe how sinister that intro is or how heavy the tune drops, especially the second time around. DMZ at its finest.


1. Hard Breakage ft Newham Generals (Digital Soundboy), 2009.
Easily my most played 12”, EASILY, nuff said….

2. Night Vision Distance (PLANET MU), 2007.
This was the tune that got me into the sound. My friend Carlo gave me two singles I think around 2008 with a whole assortment of different stuff on it, I hadn't heard anything as good as this before and was hooked straight away.             

3. Do You Really Like It? DJ Pied Piper and the Master of Ceremonies, (Relentless Records) 2001.
Classic UK garage sing along party vibes. I was only ten when this came out but I remember how catchy it was when I saw the clip on rage. Once I started DJing and got into UKG all those years later, I was over the moon that it fitted in with what I played and because it was such a popular track at the time, finding a good quality copy on discogs was easy!

4. Lost Time (T.Williams Remix) Javeon McCarthy (PMR records), 2011.
Heard this in N.Y.T.A's FACT mix early last year and have been playing it ever since, real hands in the air vibes on this one. T' coming through with the goods as per always.

5. I Sed Silkie (Deep Medi) 2008.
An absolutely amazing track from one of my favourite producers over the years. This tune has an awesome melody and real movement in the drums and was the first Deep Medi plate I bought. Fits perfectly in the dance or on the porch at sunset, vibes for days.

Frodo & Bolsty will be playing the following dates:

Thursday 31 January - Geisha Bar, Perth WA


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