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SPA Confidential

Social Media Expert Fired For Hashtag Failures

The Social Media Guy at SPA Confidential has been fired after a series of Twitter hashtags failed to go viral.

Employed with the specific goal of launching mildly amusing – and sometimes slightly witty – hashtags onto the internet, Daniel Curtis was let go after he hadn’t made one viral success in six months.

Some of the failed tags include:


A despondent Curtis told us, “It’s a shame – I was sure one of them was going to go nuts. Perhaps Twitter just wasn’t ready for it… I’m now looking forward to new viral marketing opportunities, and have an offer on the table to start sending pictures of people using mobile music streaming services while rummaging through garbage bins viral on Pintrest. I’m probably up for the challenge.”

A senior SPA Confidential executive confirmed the news today, and added, “Judging by the quality of recent SPA Confidential entries, we might be facing further lay-offs.”

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