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Band Attempting To Bury Nude Photos

Aug 24th 2012 | SPA Confidential
A well known Australian band is at the centre of a nude photo scandal after a raunchy game of pick-up-sticks.

A well-known Australian band have sent lawyers to all the major media organizations in the country, demanding that they not run nude pictures of the band members. Arguing that they are, “not in the public interest”, they are threatening swift legal action if the pictures are printed.

The pictures of the band – who cannot be named for legal reasons – were taken during a game of strip pick-up-sticks in a hotel room. The band had invited a group of ten girls – who they had met earlier that night at a community dog show – back to their apartment with the hope that they would “get lucky”.

According to a source the band were acting “flirty” before suggesting the game.

“They were very keen to get naked,” the source tells SPA Confidential. “It was only a few drinks in before they suggested the game. The girls were hesitant because they were all in town for a Doomsday Preppers' conference and had to be up early, so the boys started playing without them.”

Three rounds in and most of the band were naked, it is believed, while the girls started to get bored watching them play.

“The guys started getting really competitive and were ignoring the guests,” the source said, “so the girls just started checking their phones. One of the guys had her eye on one of them and asked to join the game but one of the guys kept saying, 'Next round, next round – I've got to win this one'. Eventually they just took a few photos of the band and let themselves out.”

The photos circulated between the friends and were then brought to the attention of the media. Lawyers acting on the band's behalf are particularly annoyed that the band's dog had not won the dog show and are desperate to play down all mentions of it.


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