Live Review: WAM Conference Panel: Get Smart, On Socials

10 November 2015 | 1:13 pm | Jasmine Uitermark Thaung

When it comes down to the bare-bone minimum, quality is everything.

Sitting down for the first WAM conference panel of the day at the State Theatre Centre, the 'Get Smart, On Socials' panel consisted of industry heavyweights: Pilerats Editor Troy Mutton, Clarity Communications Digital Strategist Andrew Mathwin and Morse Code PR founder Janelle Morse. Mediated by WAAPA Marketing Manager Anton Maz, the panel delved into the social media community and how growing musicians and brands can utilise free platforms to increase their reach and engage their audience.

While the majority of the social media realm has delved into meme territory and irrelevant ethereal visions, Andrew Mathwin said in off peak periods for bands it is important not to stray from the personality and brand of the band. Offers of exclusivity increase relevancy among an online audience while maintaining their interest. "Don't be afraid to try new things, I think you have to since everything is becoming quite vanilla," said Mathwin.

With the abundance of platforms at our fingertips, it can be easy to get caught up in them and often time poor people will share the same content across various pages. Adding her advice, Janelle Morse recommended bands "switch it up", as the same thing you post on Facebook may not carry across well to Instagram.

Providing insight into the online publication Pilerats, Troy Mutton talked about showcasing an interesting personality on Instagram but that when it comes down to the bare-bone minimum, quality is everything. "As long as your image looks good," said Mutton.

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The consensus towards the end of the conference panel was that a series of trial and error is essential. While different techniques may work well for some artists, the same cannot be said for others; for example some bands can get away without a website thanks to the abundance of interactive platforms like triple j Unearthed and SoundCloud. Leaving some parting words of advice Morse addressed the moral value of social media postings. "Utilise platforms… be honest and have integrity."