Live Review: Voiid, Concrete Surfers, The Gametes

23 February 2018 | 4:04 pm | Taylor Marshall

"Voiid have literally taken every show they've ever played and completely made it their own, headliners or not."

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There's an eerie excitement building around the doors of The Foundry on this uncommonly cold night. Even before 8pm there's a build-up of fans lining up at one of Brisbane's finest nightclubs. And why shouldn't there be? Voiid are here to melt their faces.

The openers are dressed in matching shirts clearly labelled with their name, The Gametes. There's an eccentricity about this band, a level of anxiety that's instrumental to their stage presence and is also a clearly identifiable element of what makes them incredible. Within seconds of opening their half-hour set, the entire floor of The Foundry is full of people having a groove. It's a strong beginning to the night.

Nothing screams 'local' like opening with a song titled Roma Street. As Concrete Surfers take the stage, there's an instant flooding of crowd members emerging from the smoker's area and bar, ready to get sweaty yet again. It's energetic, groovy and even as Concrete Surfers shred into new material there isn't a single person who doesn't have a smile on their face or join the mosh.

After launching into Miscommunication, frontman Jovi Brook and bassist Trent Courtenay both point out a guy in the crowd who's balancing multiple schooners on his head, and the crowd erupts into applause and cheers. The band then rips straight into the familiar opening drums and guitar riff of No More. Could this set possibly get any better? Of course it can! Just add a cover of The Angels' Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again. Every time that iconic chorus kicks in, the crowd goes wild with the obligatory, "NO WAY, GET FUCKED! FUCK OFF!"

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Since they first began making noise in their bedrooms, Voiid have literally taken every show they've ever played and completely made it their own, headliners or not. It's insane to realise that they're transforming the local scene, drawing out the craziest crowds of people you could ever hope to head-bang with.

Guitarist Kate McGuire shreds into the opening riff as if she had been destined to play power chords from birth. With Anji Greenwood jumping around onstage unleashing spiteful screams, it's only fitting the band continue their set with Deranged. Nothing can match that amazing feeling when the tempo drops and then charges on again.

Voiid prove again why they shouldn't be messed with when they tear into recently released single Silly Girl. There's probably a collection of injuries in the mosh during the song, but overall every person within the venue looks like they're having an incredible time.

Playing familiar tracks Forever Teenage, Substances and Cheap Wine, Voiid accommodate their ever-growing fanbase. These are anthems for all things teenage, none more so than ode to escape, Galaxy. The opening guitar/vocal combo comes together so perfectly live as drummer Jasmine Cannon and bassist Antonia Hickey finally join in on the syncronised carnage.

Having Voiid headline The Foundry once again is both a blessing and an absolute privilege. To say that everyone in attendance was left impressed and astonished by this local talent is an understatement. The future holds incredible things for Voiid!