Live Review: UV boi, Collarbones

29 April 2016 | 12:22 pm | Samantha Jonscher

"His set is generous and warm, even in its darkest, dankest moments."

Supporting act Collarbones open with a warm-up set that betrays the duo's rightful place at the top of a line-up. Never short of drama and charisma, they serve up a relaxed set of indie-pop that quickly moves the perhaps once indifferent crowd into a happening dance floor, moving them even to sing along to Turning, a track remixed by Flume last year that brought the pair well-deserved attention. Vocalist Marcus Whale is full of banter and breaks out his signature dance moves — part vogue, part hip hop — and is on the money when he tells the OAF floor that a good warm-up set "leaves people wanting more". 

Picking up somewhere near where Collarbones left off, UV boi opens with a clean sample of Destiny's Child's Say My Name, which gets him right where he wants — hips and sexy shoulders, then it's a heartbeat, silence, and he launches into his own LUV. It's not a smooth transition, but it does the trick, it says "be patient I've got you covered" (and he does — what follows is great).

For the rest of the set he moves between soaring, dreamy landscapes, and intimate, dark nocturnal moods that play with his steady commitment to the 808. He proves himself to be a delicate mixer who can read a crowd, his set is generous and warm, even in its darkest, dankest moments.

Towards the end of his set he grabs the mic and raps for Perfect Picture — "this is about a girl I had a crush on who didn't like me back," he says. This is a low point in the sense that the production is what makes this song — not his MC skills — and this falls by the wayside with a mic in hand. At the end though, he hands out roses to his crowd. The gesture is charming and generous: he's a young performer — front and centre doesn't suit him just yet — but that's ok, his music does all the work it needs to.

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