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Album Review: Underneath the Gun - 'Forfeit Misfortunes'

17 April 2009 | 5:20 pm | Staff Writer
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Apparently all IS what it seems in the metalcore business

Upon the opening listen the first thing that becomes apparent is that these guys write riffs that are almost identical to those off As I lay Dying’s “Shadows are Security”.  While I’m sure the diehard fans will spit and scream that they are nothing alike it was completely unsurprising to see the aforementioned band’s frontman Tim Lambesis (War of Ages, Destroy the runner, Impending doom) taking on the production of Underneath the Guns second full length release. 

Not being familiar with their old material I can’t give the usual “Oh man, since they signed to Ferret their new material is shithouse” rant and write half a page on how they were better when the production could be likened to a seagulls fart.  With this being said, Forfeit Misfortunes isn’t really a bad release, there just isn’t really anything dynamic or progressive to comment on that sets them apart from the million other bands doing the same thing in the States. 

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“Cutting ties, Breathing lies” opens up Forfeit Misfortunes and gives you an idea into the formula the rest of the tracks follow.  Reasonably interesting riffs, coupled with lows comparable to Suicide Silence but lacking a decent pair to drive the point home.  There appears to be at least one breakdown littered randomly within each track and are more often than not completely unmemorable (to see how this is done properly see any track by Misery Signals) “Reflection of the commonwealth” follows suite with some added pretty guitar bits in the chorus to make it a touch more bareable than its predecessor.  


The album does have moments when all members appear to pull in the same direction.  “Looking deep in shallow water” is one of the better tracks and has copped a decent workout.  “Shawshank Absolution” also attempts to make up for previous mediocrity with a catchy yet modest chorus which is thankfully ridden of heavier lows which appear to rear up at any given point.  What metalcore release would be complete without the token instrumental?  Honors in this case go to “crescendo”. Sigh..

Stuffed with so much filler material it was often a struggle to determine what separated one song from the next Forfeit Misfortunes is an album best left for those who have not been following the recent Darkest Hour albums and reserved for those who are after some no fuss metalcore tracks.

1. Cutting Ties, Breathing Lies

2. Reflection of the Commonwealth

3. Looking Deep In Shallow Water

4. Penitence

5. Sharp Definition Of Dull, A

6. Shawshank Absolution

7. No Place for Pardon

8. Crescendo

9. Rising Words

10. Breathing New Lungs