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Live Review: Touche Amore, Turnover, Endless Heights, Hindsight

13 July 2017 | 2:37 pm | Will Oakeshott

"The starter gun had been fired and in response the quintet launched into their assault."

It was moderately discouraging to discover an undersized audience upon entering the venue, especially considering the sophistication of the line-up and the timing of the event, which landed in the holiday period for students statewide (truth be told, there was some rather fierce competition taking place elsewhere in Adelaide in the heavy music spectrum). Nevertheless, spirits were far from dampened for local opening act Hindsight and their brand of emotional hardcore. With a short yet inspired set channelling icons of the genre Defeater and elements of Being As An Ocean, Hindsight's single Loveover injected a liveliness into the entire room, especially from frontman Jack Nelligan who performed a passionate yet deranged floor gymnastics routine vehemently throughout. This was an excellent warm-up to say the least.

Sydney's Endless Heights have been a touring machine in 2017 and their persistence is deservedly producing rewards for the emotional alternative punk quintet. An almost instantaneous magnetism has been acquired by the five-piece, and their encouragement to the Adelaide crowd to come closer was eagerly accepted. While there was a sense of unease to start, when the band launched into Whisper they were dazzling. Pray I Fade boosted the attendees' attention and consequent reaction to Paint The Coward and Teach You How To Leave was miraculous. With the promise of new music on the horizon (the performance included a rather brilliant new track with a recent Pianos Become The Teeth feel), Endless Heights' next chapter is one to keep an eye and ear on.

Virginia's Turnover do not need to make a grand entrance; just their stage set-up process enhanced the population of the crowd exponentially. How is this possible? Their music literally does the talking for them, attracting fans on a global scale. The four-piece play an alternative-indie-dream-pop mix and are effortlessly captivating. Cutting My Fingers Off, Humming, Like Slow Disappearing, (new song) Super Natural, New Scream, Hello Euphoria and Dizzy On The Comedown were all highlights that had the audience entranced, especially in vocalist/guitarist Austin Getz, who is fluently fascinating. A new full-length is to be released in August and it will undoubtedly infect thousands to a wondrous degree.

There was a growing sense of anticipation in the air from the formidable crowd awaiting Los Angeles' emotional hardcore favourites Touche Amore. When they finally began, vocalist Jeremy Bolm simply ascended to the stage and quietly uttered, "Hi", to the enthusiastic observers. The starter gun had been fired and in response the quintet launched into their assault: Flowers And You, ~, New Halloween, The Great Repetition, Art Official, Displacement, And Now It's Happening In Mine, DNA, Amends, Benediction, Palm Dreams, Home Away From Here, Posing Holy, Harbor, Rapture and Pathfinder had fans singing or screaming along and clambering to get as close to Touche Amore as possible. Bolm fluctuated between rabid enthusiasm and emotional travails throughout, as the tracks from the band's latest album are dedicated to the passing of his mother. However, this emotional journey is why the world connects so deeply with Touche Amore, and hopefully Adelaide will be able to join it again soon.

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