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Tom Gleeson: Great

22 March 2016 | 4:45 pm | Steve Bell

"Gleeson's ability to intelligently poke fun at those around him — and himself in the process — makes 'Great' so warm."

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Beloved comedian Tom Gleeson stakes his claim early in Great as being a nondescript, middle-aged white guy, so it's clearly a comedic ruse when he gently starts big-noting himself about being a homeowner (we just won't understand the trials and tribulations of negative gearing apparently). His relaxed, personable demeanour makes it easy to be dragged along on his many tangents, whether it's the pros and cons of Malcolm Turnbull's honeymoon period, the inherent inanity of social media or his own unabashed man-crush for Uber (and parallel hatred of taxis).

His entire nuclear family comes in for a pasting, especially his long-suffering wife (comparing her to a band Gleeson admits to being a big fan of her early work, but that her more recent stuff is "a bit too experimental"), his gay brother (definitely not a dud root), and his coastal motel-owning parents (the part on their perceived 'sand problem' is absolutely side-splitting). Analysing raising his child an atheist provides some bigger picture laughs, but it's mainly Gleeson's ability to intelligently poke fun at those around him — and himself in the process — which makes Great so warm, endearing and, ummm... great.