This Is Capital City

9 November 2015 | 3:42 pm | Finn Kirkman

"You've been elevated to the upper rung of the city's engineers, but your mentor is dead — what's the truth behind the mystery?"

An audience of one, thrust into a dystopian conspiracy in an Orwellian city — that's the thrust of this dazzling and unique concept by a collective of wunderkind Brisbane theatre-makers. In a promenade performance around the atmospheric Powerhouse — itself a monument to decaying industry, which fits the story perfectly — you're guided by a headset and your own character's voice narrating your journey through the upper echelons of Capital City society. You've been elevated to the upper rung of the city's engineers, but your mentor, Olive, is dead — what's the truth behind the mystery?

Geometric coloured shapes on the floor mark paths, and you'll come into contact with marvellous actors who will unlock more of the plot. You'll only hear their voices on the soundtrack in your head, but their married expressions — smarmy, surly, aloof, haunted — will stay with you for a long time. At various points in this tale you'll stop and take in your surroundings, feeling what it's like to be in the character's shoes — and at other points, you'll be urged to make quick decisions that can affect your fate, and the fate of the city. It's a fascinating world brought to life with breathtaking execution, making for a thrilling, visceral theatrical experience.