Live Review: The xx, Kelela, Kucka

22 January 2018 | 4:20 pm | Melissa Borg

"The atmosphere during a cover of Jamie xx's 'Loud Places' was utterly sublime; with the high carrying through to 'On Hold'."

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This wasn't your average show - it was a string of exceptional performances, each played with artistic integrity.

The xx played each song with personality and poise, with their performance feeling like it had a higher purpose beyond just showcasing their talent to a legion of appreciative fans.

Homegrown talent Kucka, with her airy vocals and avant garde arrangement of synths and beats, was the perfect opener. Cracking out her collab with Cosmo's Midnight, Walk With Me, got us in the mood for some serious grooving.

American singer Kelela was instantly likeable with her infectious energy and smooth moves. However, an appreciation and connection to the intimacy of her experimental sound was lost among the cavernous Domain crowd. Nonetheless, she played an excellent set. Her vocals sounded sublime, and shone over the minimalist style of her tracks. However, the production isn't to be disregarded; each beat and sound was intentional, but it was Waitin that tided the wider crowd over (and hopefully inspired them to look her up).

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Intro was a natural opener for The xx, who followed it up with Crystalised. But it was Say Something Loving that inspired the first epic singalong of the evening.

Dipping between new and old tracks kept the tempo of the set moving between danceable bangers including Islands and Dangerous, and awe-inspiring tracks such as Performance - in which Romy Madley Croft's vocals excelled. Each track sounded as it does on record, a testament to Jamie xx's incredible production and the cohesion and musicianship of the trio.

The atmosphere during a cover of Jamie xx's Loud Places was utterly sublime; with the high carrying through to On Hold, which everyone evidently saved up their voices and killer dance moves for - the energy was electric.

Closer Angels was poignant, and more of a creative than a crowd-pleasing move, but that didn't dampen what was an exceptional performance.