Live Review: The Smith Street Band, Loose Tooth, Fear Like Us

2 February 2016 | 12:39 pm | Yaminah Willcox

"A tangle of bodies in questionable positions lined the top of the mosh pit."

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The Smith Street Band are no strangers to playing in Hobart, or at the Brisbane Hotel for that matter. Despite their regular visits to the island state, every show manages to sell out and getting your hands on last minute tickets becomes a fight to the death.

A crowd made up of a variety of people — punks, hipsters, supportive girlfriends and boyfriends alike — fill the small and sweaty back bar of the iconic hotel. By the time the equally as punk support acts Fear Like Us and Loose Tooth had finished their half-hour sets, the floor had an appropriate covering of alcoholic beverages and the crowd was amped.

When gentle giant Wil Wagner graced the stage with his presence it was easy to see how comfortable he felt on stage at the Brisbane Hotel surrounded by an intimate group of around 250 Tasmanians. Kicking off the set with a song about his favourite Tasmanian affectionately entitled Tom Busby, the crowd threw themselves into a beer-throwing, crowdsurfing frenzy. By the time they got to the fourth song of the night, an old favourite, Sunshine And Technology, the crowded room was approximately the same temperature as a sauna and the smell of sweat and beer lingered.

Drenched in sweat but having the time of his life, Wagner continued to smash out the crowd pleasers, and pleased the crowd certainly was. A tangle of bodies in questionable positions lined the top of the mosh pit while some opted to jump off onto the safety of the stage before heading back into the unknown to do it all over again.

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As Wagner showered the grateful crowd with the remains of his bottled water, he was dripping with as much sweat as the crowd was water, alcohol and all their sweat combined. The show was wrapping up and it had been nothing less than a beer-fuelled, fist pumping rave fest. After leaving the stage and being tempted back on by the continual chant of "encore!", the boys took their places for a final song. Ending the gig with the all round favourite cheerful tune I Love Life, the crowd went wild and screamed their hearts out.

The Smith Street Band had completed yet another successful gig at the Brisbane Hotel as the crowds poured out onto the streets yelling and singing, placing bets on when the boys would be back next. With any luck it will be sooner rather than later so we can do it all again.