Album Review: The Galvatrons - 'Laser Graffiti'

24 August 2009 | 12:21 pm | Staff Writer
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Think of Bat Out of Hell, performed by Def Leppard and Van Halen, with a Starship Troopers theme.

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Who ever is saddened by the 80’s being left behind 20-odd years ago, along with Commodore 64, He-Man, and Degrassi Junior High, will be greatly impressed by the recent release from The Galvatrons, Laser Graffiti (LG). LG plays like a synthesised rock-Opera that could be the soundtrack from just about any low to mid-budget sci-fi flick with a bit of superhero vs. villain rivalry. Flash Gordon would be proud of this modern resurrection of the left behind but not forgotten genre.

LG is certainly a good effort from The Galvatrons and it shows they probably don’t care a great deal about feedback. Because of the obscure but certainly cool angle taken in this album it’s bound to attract fans as much as it repels them. I’m not ashamed to say I’m a fan. I laughed all the way through this album and it took me back to when I was five and my parents had the entire Star Wars collection (that’s right, all three films) on VCR and Hypercolor T-Shirts were cool.

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LG is a showy, synth-rock album that has moments of glam-metal solos spliced with electro effects. Everything from the album artwork, to the printing on the CD, to the cheesy lyrics, to the keyboard plugged directly into the amp, Van Halen style, scream out a reminiscent adventure for those older than 24, and for those younger perhaps a new adventure that could be disastrous. Putting all of the image aside, I’m sure the girls will like the boys from this Melbourne-found crew.

Notable mentions on this album are: Cassandra for it’s catchy chorus, We Were Kids for it’s catchy chorus, and Stella for it’s, well, catchy chorus. One to check out for its oddity and obvious attempt to put question mark on the listener’s face is Robots Are Cool. It could be a cross with Video Killed the Radio Star and Funkytown. It’s not a great song but it certainly is different.

It’s not going to be for everyone. The Galvatrons play well in their genre but it is a niche. If The Galvatrons gain more popularity from LG then there is a danger of them appearing in the Top 40. Like most posers, they’re easy to like and easy to hate. I’ll come off the fence and say I’m a fan of these guys and their album, but then again I do own the entire Poison CD catalogue. They’ve been brave enough to try and bring back denim jackets and tight leather pants with heels (on guys): let’s see if they succeed. Buy it for shits and giggles or buy it to burn and spit on its ashes. Either way you’re bound to enjoy yourself.

1. And so they invade

2. The first starfighter

3. Cassandra

4. We were kids

5. Robots are cool

6. Laser graffiti

7. Light speed

8. Stella

9. She’s in love

10. Molotov cocktail

11. Galaxy destroyer