Album Review: The Forecast - 'Everybody Left'

21 April 2012 | 2:06 pm | Staff Writer
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Sadness captured in a happy body.

In true Forecast fashion, the band release another record full of happy sounding songs that are as far from “happy” songs as you can get. Maybe this is part of the group’s appeal, being able to capture some of the frustrations and annoyances that life throws at you in a bright and hopeful way.

Back with their fourth studio record, and in true modern fashion, a Kickstater funded project, The Forecast fine tune their sound whilst still offering melody drenched alternative rock ballads with a slight touch of angst, albeit sometimes hard to actually hear but trust me, it’s there. Focusing on the good and bad in relationships with people, lyrically it will be easy for anyone to relate to this record.

The opening and title track is a soft number, only using and acoustic guitar and vocals, to ease into things with a bitter account of friendships that have gone sour. It is a perfect example why there are two very different sides to the band, the feeling you get when you skim the surface and just hear the music, and what actually is happening when you delve into the lyrics.

Things pick up a lot for the follower Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, during which one of the group’s finest assets is put into full swing, three part vocal lines. This continues with some impressive harmony lines in Like A Habit before another energetic, in-your-face rock number, Skyline. The guitars are big and clear and there is a hint of southern twang, especially in the more ballad-like numbers Skipping Stones and album closer Last Stand.

Considering the record was produced by the band themselves, they have done a pretty good job, obviously being able to capture the clean sheen sound that they were after. The record rounds out with some more excellent harmony work in Figure It Out and some fast paced gang vocal action in Way We Were.  

Considering few have probably heard of this band, and the fact that they run their ship in a fairly DIY fashion, it is hard to believe that this mainstream-like sound is done for anything other than the purest reasons. This makes ‘Everybody Left,’ along with most other Forecast records, quite an enjoyable little listen.

1.Everybody Left
2. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts
3. Like A Habit
4. Skyline
5. Sing It Out
6. Skipping Stones
7. Figure It Out
8. Take Me Down
9. Way We Were
10. Last Stand