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Album Review: The Early November - 'In Currents'

3 August 2012 | 11:33 am | Staff Writer
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A return to form and then some.

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It took six years for The Early November to release their third studio album, ‘In Currents,’ after the epic triple album ‘The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path,’. In the meantime, it was left to front man Ace Enders, who kept fairly busy with solo projects in the down time.

As with most long-awaited records, they are; either obviously worth the wait, with the band clearly benefiting from a break, or, they are not representative of the time taken to produce them. The Early November have always had pretty solid releases, with meticulously planned albums. ‘In Currents’ is no exception. After a few spins, it may even become your favourite of their catalogue.

The group have opted for a bigger, more polished sound than on previous efforts, embracing their commercially friendly sound and giving it more meat. Opening track A Stain On The Carpet starts the record off softly, giving a small glimpse into the depressive state of Ender’s mind prior to the recording. The track captures itself in a tortured beauty that really disjoints itself from the epic return the band present on the remainder of the album.

Frayed In Doubt steps back into what the band sounded like in their early days, which while a nice little reminiscence, seems to lack the maturity of the other tracks. The title track is a stand out. Gentle guitar twangs are backed by a strong piano line, constant beat and melody heavy vocals. It is really the best of everything you expect from The Early November. The room recorded, raw sounds of Digital Age seem a little out of place when considering the well produced feel of the record. But, if this is the band having their 'roots' moment, we can probably let them have it.

The electronic tinged Close To You is a bit of a production fail, which is saved by the rock riffs in Guilt & Swell (another album stand out). That’s Not Your Real Name is pulled from Ender’s solo EP ‘Share With Everyone’ and, much like Digital Age, feels extremely out of place on the record. Things close off with some more excellent guitar moments in the bluesy Call Of The Bells, which ends things as the began, gently.

‘In Currents’ needed to be a bit more cohesive to give it a near perfect score. But, if you forgive the production points that let the album down, this is the most defined and mature music The Early November have ever released.

1. A Stain on the Carpet
2. Frayed in Doubt
3. In Currents
4. Digital Age
5. Tell Me Why
6. Close to You
7. Guilt & Swell
8. That's Not Your Real Name
9. Like a Kid
10. Smell of This Place
11. Wearing a Tie
12. Call Off the Bells