Live Review: The Birth: Pimps Of Sound, Freqshow, Deflo, MC Design, Mash Jungalist Prime

2 August 2012 | 2:34 pm | Nick Owen

When a band is in its infant stage playing their second ever show, more often than not, you'll find the musicians testing the water, hollowed away in some uninspiring sports bar; playing the shameful handful of shows that years down the line will become gospel for those lucky enough to have seen the band cutting its teeth. Simply not doing things in halves, meet local all live d'n'b seven-piece Freqshow, who decided to create the birth of a new live scene on their second outing away from the womb. Ok, so calling it a 'new scene' might be a slight embellishment when the curators performed with only one other live d'n'b outfit, but with a couple of DJs in the gaps and an impressively sized midweek crowd flocking into The Rosemount for a rave, clearly they're onto something!

DJ Mash Jungalist Prime dropped fluid and old school jungle vibes before tag teaming with Deflo and MC Design spitting rhymes over solid groove infused basslines.

Hosts Freqshow were up first armed with an atmospheric opener allowing them time to find their feet before hitting home hard with their second number; the crowd ecstatically feeding out of their musical palms. With their own audio engineer triggering dub delays and a great light show courtesy of The Rosemount's Jedi Master Qui Gon Jim, there certainly were moments where you'd be forgiven for forgetting you're not at a high budget stadium rock show. As such a young band, there were times when the illusion was broken and things felt a little loose around the edges but with a number of shows under their belt, already seeing all the ingredients in front of you, it's hard not to expect big things from Freqshow!

Taking it home on the live front, Pimps Of Sound were also a delight to watch and a relatively new act to the Perth music scene as well. More soul fused and liquid based, Pimps Of Sound built an incredibly large sound around a simple live setup with a Gotye like drummer triggering samples and playing off an electronic kit with a charismatic roaming bass player, incredible soul sister vocals and tasty sax lines forming a very effective four piece. Their show was tight, impressive and undoubtedly festival ready; another act that would simple destroy a large stage on a local dance festival bill.

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