Album Review: TesseracT - 'Perspective (EP)'

22 June 2012 | 11:43 pm | Staff Writer
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A chilled alternative for those that like their music heavy.

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Does it diminish an EP when the singer you're essentially showcasing jumps ship around the time of its release. While we're are basically talking in rhetorics, it still puts a little asterisk on the offering.

Although, the departure was amicable and with no malice, general convention still suggests that fans are always going to dissect and argue over which vocalist would've done a better job.

TesseracT are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale musical climate. Yes, djent is the new metalcore, just as metalcore was the successor of nu metal in terms of the popularity trend. However, this British progressive quartet just seem to get proper musical structure and creation. Last year's debut album 'One' was justifiably and thankfully embraced and lauded for its sincere and equally sublime delivery.

EP 'Perspective' is not a metal record. Let's establish that initially. There's no Meshuggah guitar tunings and similarly it doesn't offer any new songs. What 'Perspective' is in a nutshell is a five track composite, which includes a rendition, a trio of acoustic tracks lifted from 2011's aforementioned studio album and a Jeff Buckley cover.

Elliot Coleman (ex-Sky Eats Airplane) steps in to fill the void left by previous tonsil warrior Daniel Tompkins. And the transition is adequate and effective enough.

Beginning with the acoustic version of 'Perfection' (track six on 'One' for those needing a refresher), the clarity and harmony in Coleman's voice is ideally suited to the softer composition. 'Dream Brother' is a subtle cover that is relaxing. The prominent bass line remains in the version of 'April', while 'Origin' is still catchy.

This is a good accompaniment. Crank 'One' loudly on the stereo in the afternoon and night time, and on a lazy Sunday morning when rubbing the sleep from the eyes or perhaps nursing a hangover, gently allow 'Perspective' to offer its aural charms.

For enjoyment's sake please don't compare this with TesseracT's previous material. 'Perspective' was not created nor intended to directly follow the heavy prog previously preformed. This is simply another page in the style book or maybe just a means to try something different. 'Perspective' serves its purpose. It's only five tracks, so just engage and revel in this little substitute for what it offers not represents.

1. Perfection

2. April

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3. Origin

4. Dream Brother

5. Eden 2.0