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Album Review: Ten After Two - 'Truth Is...'

10 April 2011 | 8:53 pm | Staff Writer
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Solid debut record from these post-hardcore new comers.

The last year has been hectic to say the least for this 5 piece from California, releasing their debut record the 5 track EP ‘If You Don’t First in 2010 and following that up with a signing to Rise Records and not to mention touring North America extensively including the Vans Warped Tour. With not even 6 months after the release of Ten After Two’s debut record comes their debut full length ‘Truth Is...’ Fitting perfectly into Rise Records huge catalogue of post hardcore bands, Ten After Two have some tough competition.

Heavy double kick drums and fast guitars introduces you to the opening track ‘Yes’. Powerful echoing screams follow, leading into the smooth fast passed chorus, starting this album off on the right foot. With lots of post hardcore bands in the scene today it does seem to have the same sing/scream formula as the rest of them but to say the least, these young guys do it pretty well, with the youngest member only 16, I think it’s pretty impressive.

The record continues on with ‘Before You Know It’ starting off with its smooth vocals as opposed to its predecessor but like its predecessor it shares the same winning formula, heavy double kick drums, a good mix of smooth and hard vocals and a catchy chorus. However although there is something intriguing about this band there is some very obvious similarities too many of their Rise Records team mates. The record continues on fairly consistently with all the songs merging together rather smoothly. ‘Dead After Dallas’ and ‘Satins Slumber Party shows off the work of guitarists Pat Hennion and Josh Doty with their super fast and impressive riffs while ‘Sight At See’ shows you just how fast Vincent Adorno can drum.

Believe Me finishes the record off in a good but slightly unexpected way, starting with the raw smooth vocals and then launching into the full band, the lack of screamo vocals here isn’t really a downfall as it ends the record on a softer more pop-punk note then the rest if the record. This is a great effort for their first full length, it’s almost hard to think they have only been playing together since 2009 and shows that they still have plenty of time to perfect their art, but for now it seems like they are heading in the right direction, however they will still have to continue trying to differ themselves from all the other great post-hardcore bands currently on their label.

There is so much competition in the current scene that it’s often heard to get noticed but there is something about these guys that stops them from getting lost in the crowd, not overly original or inventive but still consistent and impressive musicians especially considering their young age.

1. Yes

2. Before You Know It

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3. Dead After Dallas

4. Satans Slumber Party

5. Anxious

6. Well, Oh Well

7. Truth Is…

8. Interlude In D Minor

9. The Awe Song

10. Sight At Sea

11. Believe Me