20 February 2012 | 4:16 pm | Simon Holland

Sex, religion, and scandal are all topics you are not supposed to discuss at the dinner table, however the latest offering from Errol Morris (The Thin Blue Line, The Fog Of War) is sure to set tongues wagging in any location.

Tabloid revolves around the controversial tale of Joyce McKinney, an American beauty queen that discovers the man she loves has been 'captured' by Mormons and turned against her.

McKinney utilises her talents of guile and charm to enchant a posse of skilled investigators and head off to track her man down. The chase leads her to Britain where she manages to store him in a country property and proceed to ravage him back to normality. The raunchy details are seized upon by vulpine reporters and blasted into the brains of mainstream society.

Tabloid is a magnificently crafted documentary and a real shot in the arm for cinema vérité. It is driven by delightfully entertaining characters are not afraid to tip-toe around the delicacies of the tale through the freedom that is granted to them through Flynn's skilful direction. Hilarious throughout.

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Screening at Somerville Outdoor Cinemas, Perth Monday 20 February to Saturday 25