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Album Review: Silver Snakes/Souvenirs - 'Winter Songs'

24 February 2013 | 4:10 pm | Staff Writer
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Two up and coming bands with a strong grasp on the value of their roots.

Silver Snakes and Souvenirs are two very different bands that happen to share a common direction driving the music they make. That being a devotion to a sound rooted in the late 90’s era of rock and that pays a tribute to bands like Brand New, Thrice and At The Drive In - whose innovation pushed rock and grunge music into the 21st century. The final result of their collaboration, given to us in the form of their 7” split, ‘Winter Songs,’ is a testimony to the bands individuality just as much as it is to the music they have aimed to emulate.

On one side of the split we have Silver Snakes’ darker contribution that likens to a grungy experimentalism similar to that of Brand New’s third full length, Daisy, while also reminding the listener vaguely of Nirvana. ‘Secare,’ places a large emphasis on meticulous instrumentation that leaves out all embellishments in favour of raw electric guitar and subtle rhythmic percussion for the first half of the song. The second half features a distinctly heavier sound and strong vocals that at first seem alienated from the band’s overall sound, but ultimately become a crucial part of Silver Snakes’ 90’s grunge rock maturity.

Souvenirs’ ‘Dressed Up In September’ takes a bite out of the opposite side of the 90’s rock scene, playing their hand at a lighter, youthful quality. With a more lyrically and vocally centered song writing technique, Souvenirs contribution harks back to a handful of emo bands that bloomed around the turn of the century – namely American Football and Brand New. With lyrics like "what’s the point of anything if I’m always unsure" Souvenirs possess an undeniably lyrical honesty that stays true to their emo roots.

‘Winter Songs’ is an impressive collaborative effort that makes it impossible for listeners not to be constantly comparing the work of Silver Snakes and Souvenirs to the forefather’s of their beloved era of late 90’s rock. That being said, it is very possible that this may be exactly their intention, and that in combining their mutual respect for 90’s rock and their distinctive rock and emo sounds, respectively, Silver Snakes and Souvenirs have intended to remind those lucky enough to listen of just how valuable the late 90’s were for rock ‘n’ roll.

Silver Snakes:

1. Secare


2. Dressed Up In September