Album Review: Sierra - 'Reality Redefined'

18 September 2014 | 12:34 am | Alex Sievers
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Sierra leave us with a brilliant swan song.

For those who missed it, Sierra have recently revealed that they are breaking up. Simply put, this is a massive loss to the local Australian heavy music scene, and it's a gap that will not be filled for a long time. But this saddening news of their coming disbandment has only placed even more emphasis, impact, strength behind what is the bands best work to date - 'Reality Redefined'.

This new five-track EP puts so many other EP's and full-lengths from this year, on both the international and national fronts, to utter shame. It's Sierra doing exactly what they what, in the perfect manner they see fit and that means a very, very special musical treat for the listener.

The band have really gone out on a perfect note, one that cements this release as one of the year's best. For instance, the haunting and melancholic 'Memoirs' shows that this Mt. Gambier quintet could never quite be pigeonholed into just one sound or style and that they have a real knack for writing incredibly spine-chilling music. The EP's first single, the amazing 'Suburban Fame', is a slower, dynamic and powerfully building song, one that explodes into a truly epic finale that sticks to you being long after the song ends. Its also one of the five that really shows a significant step up in the band's songwriting ability; a knack that will be missed, dearly. 'Suburban Fame' and 'Memoirs' also show a rather new, but exceptional melodic, atmospheric musical direction for the band, and where they ultimately could have taken their sound further. These two tracks really do stand out, just like how 'Imagery' did on their self-titled EP last year.

But Sierra's music - both on the record and in the live environment - is all about passion and uninhibited, chaotic energy. 'Bittersweet Youth', the most recent single, is the true embodiment of this. It's a loud, surging number that shows off the quintets grittier, hardcore undertones. The blisteringly raw but kinda catchy 'Hideaway Revolution', and the punchy, head-bobbing ender 'The Great Charade' withhold this driving momentum and raw passion that Sierra have become known for. These last two tracks are the final piece of evidence that the unrivalled soul and energy that this five-piece can summon up hasn't at all been lost, but is that'll be sorely missed once their time finally comes up.

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If you thought that the band's last EP was good, then you'll be blown you away by what 'Reality Redefined' offers. And even if you didn't like Sierra before, then this release could really change your mind. So while people go on and on about the Northlane's and the Amity's, have a look at what, Sierra, a small time band from South Australia, can offer you. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Sierra have pulled out all of the stops with 'Reality Redefined'. If a band was ever going to have one last moment in the sun before that curtain call came, then this really is as good as one could hope for. Despite the fact that the clock is ticking down until Sierra is no longer a collective entity, this is one release that should always be remembered in the Australian heavy music landscape. The perfect send-0ff.

Bittersweet Youth

Suburban Fame

Hideaway Revolution


The Great Charade