Live Review: Shining Bird

11 October 2016 | 12:04 pm | Sam Reynolds

"You couldn't help feeling empty after such an unbelievable set."

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There must be nothing quite like playing a gig on the day your new album is released; a celebratory moment knowing your new collection of songs has been unveiled to the world. Shining Bird, hailing from Austinmer on the NSW south coast, were in town on the day their new LP Black Opal became available. Yet rather disappointingly, it seemed their fans were either locked up inside listening intently to the album, or weren't aware the six-piece had made the long and sweaty van trip to Adelaide; the sparse band room seemingly showed a lack of promotion compared with other shows on the same night.

Nonetheless, the band put on a show that will remain memorable for the lucky ones who ventured out. The Shining Bird experience has evolved over the years from more minimal, electronic-based songs to a now-complete, beautifully open-sounding arrangement. New album songs I Can Run and Morning Light highlighted the shimmery, iconic Australian elements featured throughout Black Opal, along with ballads like Utopia and Lonely Song, showcasing the huskiness of lead singer Dane Taylor's voice to perfection.

The backing harmonies from all band members, complemented by effects-driven guitar and synths, give an indication of the open soundscape Shining Bird aim to encapsulate both in recorded and live form. Rivermouth and older track Distant Dreaming were also welcome inclusions in the band's set. Finishing with a cover of Echo & The Bunnymen's The Killing Moon, you couldn't help feeling empty after such an unbelievable set. Tonight's set however will be etched in the minds of those who attended for a long time to come. Don't miss out next time, Adelaide.