Album Review: Resist the Thought - 'Sovereignty'

3 June 2012 | 11:17 pm | Staff Writer
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Short, sharp and extreme!

Sydney's Resist the Thought are not your timid characters. When you play music as abrasive and confronting as metal perhaps it's impossible to be. But, you get the feeling that Resist the Thought don't wait for listeners to discover their sound, they want to get their name out in the open all by themselves. And that's admirable in itself.

Having supported All Shall Perish and Suicide Silence among others, the time is right for studio album 'Sovereignty' to drop. Right place, right time. The full-length uses the metalcore song structure as its general guide, but explores the extreme metal side of things more commonly.

There's no tedious or tranquil introduction passage to 'Sovereignty', it begins loud and fast and keeps the momentum. It's a surprising release in many ways. You knew Resist the Thought had potential, but to what extent? It's like watching the baseballer smash the home runs in the minor leagues not knowing if he can transfer it into the majors. Resist the Thought had a place in the domestic scene, 'Sovereignty' now shows that they probably have a place in the international market too. It's a welcome step-up.

'Legion', 'Pledge of Aversion' and 'Extermination' are just a brutal triplet of songs to start the album. A trifecta of deep riffs, steady tempos and guttural vocals. Produced at Lambesis Studios with Dan Castleman, the studio album has immediate credibility. There is not one moment to catch your breath. 'Sovereignty' starts in fourth gear and doesn't drop down. 'Resurrect the Reaper' is another sharp, punchy track, with plenty of double kick passages matching the steady riffs.

'Sovereignty' is everything you hoped for, and perhaps even expected, from New South Welshmen Resist the Thought. It's a sound trimmed and moulded to give the band their own style. It shows a fondness for its contemporaries, but keeps the delivery personal enough. Decent.

'Sovereignty' is deliberate and well-formed. At its core, the album finds a sound that will appeal to most fans of heavy music. While typical in passages, the overall delivery just seems to replace any poor thoughts. This should get an extended play on most speakers.

1. Legion
2. Pledge Of Aversion
3. Extermination
4. Impending Infiltration
5. Resurrect The Reaper
6. Sermon Of The Damned
7. Warbound
8. Sovereignty
9. A Plague Reborn