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Live Review: Regurgitator, Godswounds, Polish Club

31 August 2015 | 11:40 am | Mick Radojkovic

"Regurgitator love the live show, evident in every tune they play."

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It was a night of extremes at Manning Bar on this late winter's night, from small bands to big bands, from epic compositions to electro-pop glee.

Polish Club make it look easy. A minimal drum-kit, a microphone and a guitar. David Novak, the frontman for the duo, has a magnetic attraction. Maybe it's the mo', but it's probably his soulful and powerful voice. From the very first song, he nails it with their loud, often frantic soul-powered rock'n'roll, playing songs from their upcoming EP, which sounds like it will be a must-listen.

What are GODSWOUNDS? This was the question on the lips of the capacity Manning Bar as this beardy seven-piece, two drum-kits and a trumpet included, took to the stage. They literally launched into a mammoth wall of music. Their sound is hard to describe. Think Mr Bungle meets a Nintendo soundtrack. They eventually won over the crowd with their eclectic yet somehow magically aligned music.

Live music is about enjoying yourselves, whether it's the punter or the performer. Regurgitator love the live show, evident in every tune they play. Quan Yeomans and Ben Ely play off each other delightfully as they alternate on lead vocals throughout a journey through their back catalogue, while Pete Kostic, on drums, is as solid as it gets.

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After they arrived, in gold capes and handle-bar moustaches, we bounced to I Will Lick Your Arsehole and Black Bugs, thrashed to I Wanna Be A Nudist and Pop Porn, and screamed along to Polyester Girl and Blubber Boy. Tracks from their entire 22 years of musicmaking were on display, including 7' 10" from their 1995 New EP, which rarely gets an airing. The timelessness of the tracks wasn't lost on the crowd of fans, young and old. It was like we were back in the '90s again, bathed in the combined sweat of our idols.

As long as Regurgitator are still making and performing music, there will be people there to listen. As the next generation gets to experience their live performance, we're safe in the knowledge that live Australian music still has a strong heartbeat.