Live Review: Regurgitator, Sugar Army

29 November 2016 | 4:55 pm | Craig English

"The crowd was at their happiest and the boys were having a shit-ton of fun."

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The Urban Orchard is back for the 2016/17 summer season and they've made a few aesthetic improvements from previous years. The stage is more central and aligned with the rest of the venue, which, by extension, disperses the crowd more easily and stops them from huddling in corners. 

Thank the risen lord! Sugar Army are playing as a full, four-piece band again. When they played around this time last year at Astor Theatre, Pat McLaughlin's defining presence as frontman was noticeably diminished because he had to fill in on bass duties. Not having to deal with that allowed him to once again focus on his rather impressive vocal register. Playing tracks from their most recent and well-received release Beast, as well as a handful of classics, was a more than fitting precursor to the ensuing mayhem. It's still sorely disappointing that Australia hasn't received this band as openly as they bloody well should.

Regurgitator are still fun and energetic. Yes, it's scary to think that these guys are getting on in years, but it's happening! Our beloved, inimitable rock icons are losing the war with time, but that hasn't done a damn thing to sap their enthusiasm and musical abilities.

Well, actually, about their abilities: Quan Yeomans forgot lyrics and his guitar was out of tune for two songs, Ben Ely missed cues and forgot which key certain songs were meant to be sung in, and the crowd — at one point — kept better time than Pete Kostic. But among massive hits like Blood And Spunk, Everyday Formula and I Will Lick Your Arsehole, these 'missteps' were the highlights of the night. This was when the crowd was at their happiest and the boys were having a shit-ton of fun so, who cares? Anti-aggression, anti-machismo and pro-love, these boys have forever carried the torch of exquisite rock professionalism and more bands should follow their lead.

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