Live Review: Reaper's Riddle, The Second Alternation, The Methamphetaqueens, Something Humble

21 October 2015 | 1:38 pm | Craig English

"The Reapers fired up, unaffected ... well deserving of a much bigger audience."

Despite generating enough energy on stage to power a small country for a week, Something Humble found it hard to assume a unique enough identity to put forth to the crowd. Drawing too much on the sounds of bands like Incubus and Tool, complete with the Daniel Wearne's Cali-esque vocals, there wasn't much new to be had. It was a case of misdirected energy that, if channelled properly, and had they left the music of their obvious heroes alone, could genuinely blow the roof off any venue they played in.

The Methamphetaqueens made full use of every effects rig and pedal they had on stage to carve their own niche in the dazzling soundscapes of prog-rock. Long, ambient intros backed by thumping bass rhythms and subtle melodies made for a wild ride through space - the beat making sure nobody got truly lost. Covers of both Daft Punk Is Playing At My House and I Want You (She's So Heavy) were sweet additions to the chaotic fun these boys were serving up by the truckload. Make sure you're good at your craft and then you can spack out on stage and still look the part; Dune Rats, take notes!

The Second Alternation found it a tad difficult to get started making it hard to sense what direction they were trying to go in. Some funky bass provided the much-needed reprieve they were after and although the diminishing numbers left the Rosie looking rather bare, the lads plodded on with Casino Dabel which packed enough punch to see it through its nearly ten-minute runtime without losing too much momentum. 

As Reaper's Riddle took to the stage, the troubled local music scene reared its ugly head as so few people made their way in to watch. But with the same enthusiasm and gratitude as the previous band, the Reapers fired up, unaffected, with single Drop the clearest expression of their own brand of punishing metal, well deserving of a much bigger audience. It's not so cold now, folks; get out there and support local music!

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