Live Review: Pool Boy, Dream Rimmy, Divorce Party, Laurel Fixation

30 October 2015 | 3:12 pm | Blake Byrne

"Commons' vocal is soft spoken and driven by reverb and jangly vocal effects that work wonders for their unique sound."

The atmosphere quickly picked up with an abundance of album supporters squeezing their way into the small venue space making fast friends, and with a slow, droning wail, Laurel Fixation proceeded to impress those watching her. Her simple melodies and raw lyrics are in good taste along with her glamorous purple retro guitar, loaded with reflective stickers.

Influenced by the sounds of the ocean, sea birds and coastal ambiance that is surf rock, Divorce Party brought an indie rock influence to the sound to create their own twist. Andy's drum and Cam's bass lines were subtle yet fast paced. Meanwhile, in between sets, The Bird reached full house while Hugh Manning from Shit Narnia helped man the merch desk selling copious albums to all the fan boys and fan girls with his bonafide no-bullshit salesmanship.

Placid and natural synth fuelled with a range of exciting mechanical beats helped three aspiring musicians to conceive their project, Pool Boys. The three piece compose dark electronica with often promiscuous lyrical content that consistently violates your ears. Safe to say front-lady Beth Commons is a far cry from the G rating, kids. A number of their songs showcase off-kilter drum rhythms and eerie, ambient sampling. This is the wonderful work of Shit Narnia guitarist gone button presser Sam Atkin. Albert Pritchard's bass playing added a soulful edge to the automated and effected tunes. Commons' vocal is soft spoken and driven by reverb and jangly vocal effects that work wonders for their unique sound.

The last band and the largest group of the night took to the stage with their many talented hands — the sweet, sweet sounds of phaser infused guitars and grooving bass lines become six piece, Dream Rimmy. The lo-fi, Tame Impala/Pond inspired shoegazers are taking a great direction with a sound that is to be reckoned with. Ali Flintoff's dream-like vocals are well equipped for the style and she brings a new element to shoegaze scene as a front-girl. Jack and Lee's guitar treble tones mixed with Vincent' Buchanan-Simpson's wild synth swells covered the whole sound spectrum. A great time and a great steal all begins and ends with one thing, Pool boys' album launch.

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