Live Review: Polographia, Tobacco Rat, Phocal

6 December 2016 | 12:48 pm | Joseph Wilson

"A weird bubble of fun."

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Scarborough's El Grotto was decked out with tables and chairs to make it comfy for gig-goers, which made it a squeeze for punters who wished to get up close and personal with Polographia. To kick off the night, Phocal laid down some smooth rhythms, pulling off a really tight, classy set. With crisp beats and production from Jack Calneggia and the vintage feel of Phoebe Gunson's vocals, the duo carved out a chill jam session. The pair effortlessly slid through their set with tracks such as Manipulate and a delicious cover of Kid Cudi's Pursuit Of Happiness, really stripping it back and causing a small group of punters at the front of the stage to get on down. 

Local producer Tobacco Rat got the grooves down with some hard-edged electronica. Emerging onto the stage clad in a homemade rat mask, punters may have just witnessed the closest thing Perth has to Batman. Throwing up an eclectic set, the crowd grew considerably and a small rave formed. With jarring visuals being played out from behind, Tobacco Rat (aka Jake Steele) really upped the atmosphere. Disappearing into the cover of night, Tobacco Rat waved the punters goodbye, leaving those perplexed with heady rhythms. 

Polographia emerged onto the small stage and pumped out some smooth '80s vibes. The set started off slowly, gently progressing from '80s house vibes to more intricate tracks like Sly. Drummer Daniel Finn received adulation from the ladies, with a front-row punter deeming him hot. He put the crowd in a partying mood. 

It was easy to get lost in Polographia's music and the crowd smashed out some stylish dance moves. Moktar Sharouny's smooth guitar riffs and Finn's electric drum beats created a weird bubble of fun. 

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