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Live Review: Big Ape: Plastician, Joke, Skream

2 August 2012 | 2:28 pm | James Hunt

More Plastician More Plastician

Rekab broke the ice in style with some sub bass heavy numbers that got some of the early birds up off their feet and on to the dance floor. DYP then took the reins, playing around with bass music of sorts including tracks from the likes of Katy B, 16BIT and Girl Unit. “Welcome. This is Plastician” a distorted robotic voiceover washed over the audience as the set began. Plastician's low range EQ was in for a real workout: the bass literally had the venue's walls and floors shaking as much as the people. His marriage of dubstep and grime has proved a real winner, and the night was certainly no exception. A vicious brawl in the club and some over hyped death circles is unfortunately what's expected these days for the 'brostep scene' though, and sadly that's just what we got for this round of Big Ape. Joker's most recent LP may be considered a bit of a disappointment, but the set was nothing of this variety. Speedy transitions allowed for an expansive setlist, which included some of his own works, as well an array of others that slotted in nicely including the likes of The Prodigy and Hudson Mohawke.”Up next we got my main nigger Skream” MC Sgt Pokes announced, jumping on stage. Pokes has been amongst the dubstep scene from the beginning, as one of the most recognised MC's for the genre, and his presence gave another level to Skream's set. Skream took to the decks and threw up Snoop Dogg's Who Am I (What's My Name) that gave a nice curveball for the audience, who responded enthusiastically to a change in the almost exclusive dubstep that had been played during the night. Skream went on to give an unforgiving performance of heavy duty bangers that had the audience dancing in to the early hours of the morning. It really was a treat to have three of dubstep's greats here together on the one night, and if you were unlucky enough to miss them this time, you got another – surprise - chance to witness their bass fitness on Sunday. Big ups to the Big Ape crew!