Live Review: Passenger, All Our Exes Live In Texas, Luke Thompson

22 February 2016 | 4:15 pm | Yaminah Willcox

"An evening filled with music so beautiful not a single heart was left feeling cold and not an ounce of disappointment was to be found."

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Sunday night in Hobart and the streets were filled with crowds making their way into the Odeon Theatre for a night of honest, heartfelt music. As parents, grandparents, babies and tweens alike filled the beautiful venue, there was excitement in the air. While some managed to score themselves gallery seating, others chose to stand while the rest found vacant spots of ground suitable to set up for the evening.

The room was dim and the stage empty before Luke Thompson filled the room with his stunning sound. All the way from NZ and armed with nothing but a guitar and a harmonica, the scene had been set for a good night. All Our Exes Live In Texas then took to the stage, and wooed the adoring audience. Witty, charming and graceful, you couldn't help but fall in love with them. With sounds from an accordion, a guitar and of course, a ukulele, the stunning harmonies from the four ladies left everyone covered in goose bumps.

Before too long it was time and Passenger (aka Michael David Rosenberg) himself strolled out onto the stage, greeted by a long and heartfelt cheer. Quite the gentleman, he began by apologising that it was just him and a guitar, not that a single person in the room minded in the slightest. Honest, genuine, raw and radiating warmth and love for everyone in the room, Rosenberg had every single person captivated. While he was playing, the room was so quiet a pin dropping would not have gone unnoticed. As quite the storyteller and not one to shy away from a bit of quality banter, Passenger ensured the audience was kept entertained, even between songs.

When it was time for Let Her Go, the crowd went wild and the room was filled with 1000 voices singing at the top of their lungs with all the passion in their hearts. United by nothing but love for honest and pure songwriting, everyone was on the same page and every body in the room was covered in goosebumps and skin tingles. An evening filled with music so beautiful not a single heart was left feeling cold and not an ounce of disappointment was to be found in the Theatre.

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It was the sort of gig that stays with you for days after, leaving you with that warm and fuzzy feeling every time you listen to the music afterward. It can be said with great confidence that there are a large number of people in Hobart eagerly awaiting Rosenberg's return already.