Album Review: Opus Of A Machine - 'Stray Fire'

30 July 2018 | 4:39 pm | Rod Whitfield

"Takes you on an atmospheric and powerful voyage of epic proportions."

Sharing a hometown, a general aesthetic and formerly a lead guitar player, if you dig Caligula's Horse you are very likely to enjoy the music of Opus Of A Machine.

Comparisons are inevitable, and both bands do the ultra-dynamic, heavy and ambient rock thing wonderfully well.

They are still completely distinct from each other, however, especially in the vocal department. The dulcet lines of Opus' Mitchell Legg differ mightily from Jim Grey's impassioned delivery. And while C-Horse seamlessly transition from light to shade on a ten-cent piece, Opus's progressions are more gradual, they ebb and flow on a slow tide rather than on the back of a sudden storm. Both are equally as enjoyable. 

Stray Fire is a real...err...opus. Clocking in at a relatively compact 37 minutes, it still takes you on an atmospheric and powerful voyage of epic proportions. It gives you great value for money without overstaying its welcome. Best track awards go to the slow burn of Rudi's Song (Thirst For Life) and the titanic, ten and a half minute closer, Beacon.

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This record was a long time in the works, but it proves well worth the wait. Another stellar addition to the illustrious canon that is Australian progressive heavy rock.