Album Review: Millencolin - 'True Brew EP'

29 February 2016 | 11:09 am | Staff Writer
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Satisfying as always and as ever.

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Swedish legends Millencolin are one of the most reliable bands that have ever graced the punk rock scene. No matter what they put out, regardless of where they play, they’re so consistent that they couldn’t disappoint you if they tried.

Their new EP, the ‘True Brew’ EP, isn’t a lot to take in, being only four tracks. Spawned off their eighth studio album of the same name, it contains the title track featured in the previous release to kick it off. But whether or not you've heard it before, it's important to note that its lyrics centralise the exact motivation that Millencolin run on: “I don’t wanna live my life doing stuff I don’t like to do/I just wanna spend my time on creating something true”.

They achieve that goal with this release, and particularly with the Swedish version of ‘True Brew’ featured, which is surprisingly even more enjoyable to listen to for an English listener. The language change exposes us to a taste of the culture that Millencolin were born out of, and which they often put aside to communicate to an international, mostly Western, audience. Listening to the song in a form alternative to that of which we usually hear it in only reinforces how authentic Millencolin really are, and as such, it’s a nice treat for fans the world over.

The two new tunes featured on the release also align with Millencolin’s ethos of integrity, which, to many, is more powerful than the music that accompanies it. ‘Balanced Boy’ is intriguing in its complex exploration of what it means to be ‘balanced’: is it what it means on the self-help posters at your gym or “a mix between a wolf and a lamb” and Jekyll and Hyde? The lower, grittier tune fights, like Millencolin’s whole discography does, with honesty. ‘Heart Vs Mind’ similarly utilises snappy drums and outstanding guitar placements to tap into the part of all of us that can resonate with siding with what beats in your chest and never, ever rational reasoning. Instead of making it sound like a battle, Millencolin are proud of wearing their heart on their sleeve. And so they should.

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It’s always a pleasure to listen to Millencolin and reawaken that part of us that’s insistent on remaining true (and, with integrity) regardless of our circumstances. If you ever need help with that, and you don’t have time for their latest full-length, give this short and snappy EP a quick spin. The ‘True Brew’ EP will leave you with some steadfast values; some catchy punk rock tunes bouncing around your brain and literally nothing to complain about.

1. True Brew

2. Balanced Boy

3. Inte Vara Ägd

4. Heart Vs Mind