Live Review: Mexrrissey

25 January 2016 | 12:35 pm | Emma McConnell

"After a slow start the crowd really began to warm up as the language barrier became irrelevant."

Performing their first and only Australian show, Mexrrissey, as the name suggests, delighted with a Mexican-inspired set dedicated to Morrissey and his infamous band The Smiths. The seven-piece tribute brought new life to these classics in the only suitable way one could do so in Mexico — with a fiesta! Sporting matching outfits emblazoned with 'Mexrrissey' and with the lyrics entirely in Spanish it was a fresh and interesting gig that worked well despite the significantly different musical styles.

After a slow start the crowd really began to warm up as the language barrier became irrelevant. The Smiths' track The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, with its easily recognisable guitar riff earned a laidback interpretation by Mexrrissey that was a delight to dance to. Girlfriend In A Coma was also well received, with an spirited "cha cha cha" thrown in to complement the otherwise morbid lyrics. Morrissey's Mexico was a fitting song for the band to cover, performed by a duo comprised of a guitar and an especially impressive trumpet.

The onstage banter was friendly and light-hearted in between tracks. The performance was accompanied with visuals of Morrissey superimposed with beautiful Mexican iconography, including Day Of The Dead regalia and artwork inspired by Frida Kahlo.

By the end of the set the crowd was entranced, with the final track How Soon Is Now? effortlessly the highlight of Mexrrissey's performance. The strong reverb and the mass of instruments on stage added substantially to the strength of the song and proved to be a grand finale for the band. The audience demanded more however, and despite the house lights being turned on the applause still continued. After much perseverance the reappearance of the band prompted another performance of International Playgirl, a reworking of Morrissey's 1992 release The Last Of The Famous International Playboys.

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