Meow Meow’s Little Mermaid

2 March 2016 | 4:57 pm | Penny Lane

"Meow Meow did not fail to deliver a completely charismatic, enthralling show."

Meow Meow (Melissa Madden Gray) takes audiences on a cabaret journey exploring love, and the search for why love is rooted at the heart of happiness. Delving deeper into her own mind to find these answers, Gray uses the Hans Christen Andersen fairytale – a much darker version of  the Little Mermaid tale – to explore why we search for love, need to be loved and the self-mutilation we will endure for it.

The night begins with the sounds of thunder and rain, and Meow Meow stumbling her away towards the rock in the centre of the circular stage. Sobbing, she informs the audience 'This is a story about happiness', and so begins Meow Meow’s Little Mermaid.

 With the use of a dissembled mannequin, a sex doll, an assortment of tails and shoes (flippers included), bubbles, and a very attractive, self-confessed ‘legs man’ (tradie Brend’n, aka Chris Ryan), Meow Meow invites audiences into her heart and mind – and on stage – to share her comical, sexy, humorous, slippery quest for answers. Supported by a live band and a very clever, moving set, Meow Meow woahs audiences with aerial displays, quick, witted humour, tongue-in-cheek euphemisms, crowd surfing and stunning vocals.  

With a full-house and three performances already under her belt, Meow Meow did not fail to deliver a completely charismatic, enthralling show, receiving a standing ovation from many members of the audience, a sign of truly enjoyable show.

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Originally published in X-Press Magazine