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Live Review: Meg Mac, Skies

28 September 2015 | 12:34 pm | Tash Loh

"The reassurance that everything was gonna be alright set up a beautifully loving vibe in the room."

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Grandma's Hands weren't the only ones clapping last night as Melburnian songstress and generally unreal human being Meg Mac graced Adelaide with her presence on her national Never Be tour. It was a night of soulful tunes fuelled by good ol' fashioned musical talent.

Some very sultry sax sounds could be heard first up as locals Skies coolly pumped out indie-rock to an already huge crowd. Finishing off the opening set with a tight drum battle between the lead singer and the actual drummer set the high standard of musical talent for the night.

Taking the stage with a presence almost as big as the burger that shares her name, Mac's vocals blew the audience away. Dressed in a suave array of black outfits, she and her band proved that they're significantly cooler than you. Juxtaposed with Mac's powerful and confident vocal capabilities was her humbly and slightly nervous banter, a little unexpected for someone who's been garnering rapid national attention after an epic Splendour set.

The goosebump-inducing harmonies of Every Lie were whipped out with the elegance of long-established performers, with Mac's backing singer and make-up artist Danielle adding some beautiful layers to the set. A reworked and very "Meg Mac-y" version of What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted showed off Mac's soulful roots and allowed us to get a peek into her influences and passion for music.

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The intimate setting was highlighted as she took to the piano to play one of several new songs — apparently called OMG, which is exactly what every single person in the room was thinking by this point — and then proceeded to tease at embarrassing anecdotes before smoothly transitioning into Known Better.

The simple beauty of her voice was emphasised even more as she awe-inspiringly used a loop pedal for another new song, St Philomene, setting an insanely high bar of expectation for her upcoming debut album. You've really given yourself a huge job there, Meg, and trust that literally nobody is doubting you're gonna kill it.

The reassurance that everything was gonna be alright set up a beautifully loving vibe in the room as break-out single Roll Up Your Sleeves and tour title track Never Be finished off the set neatly. "I'm still getting used to these encores," stated our queen as she rejoined us mere earthly folk for an ethereal rendition of Broods' Bridges.

It was a night of a few hundred people questioning their statuses as simple humans and wondering how on earth someone with such talent has the kindness to let us share her air. There's not much more to say about Meg Mac other than that in reality, she really does glow as much as the praise she gets.