Live Review: Max Frost

7 March 2016 | 12:19 pm | Antony Attridge

"The multi-instrumentalist shares an invigorated and upbeat outlook on life — go ahead and get lost in Frost’s musical universe."

Texas singer-songwriter Max Frost brings a warm, heartfelt arrangement of melodies, inciting inescapable dancefloor envy. Somewhere between Gnarls Barkley and Arctic Monkeys, Frost manages to create an electronic-pop sub-genre — a sound between a Robert DeLong groove and a Damon Albarn composition.

Blending a combination of older classics such as Let Me Down Easy with tracks from his recently released EP Intoxication, Frost lends his musicianship a bluesy, chilled-out vibe. It is extremely inviting and openly received by a swaying crowd. Frost moves from acoustic to bass guitar, from drums to keyboard, challenging any of the ‘one-hit-wonder’ detractors he's had since single White Lies hit number one on The Hype Machine in 2012. Frost soulfully explores a familiar genre, the crowd indeed intoxicated on his R&B undertones.

Catchy choruses and optimistic melodies certainly don’t leave listeners cold. A rendition of OutKast's Roses sees Frost showing how exciting and inventive he is as an artist. The multi-instrumentalist shares an invigorated and upbeat outlook on life — go ahead and get lost in Frost’s musical universe.