Live Review: Matt Corby, RW Grace

6 May 2016 | 3:11 pm | Shenae Gooley

"In case you didn't know, he can play the flute now."

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To kick off the last stop of Matt Corby's Telluric tour was Perth's own RW Grace. Back in her hometown Grace was more than comfortable on stage opening up with her powerful and husky voice followed by her guitar skills.

Although Grace has a strong presence and is more than capable of holding the stage on her own, she seemed slightly lonely up there and perhaps needed a band to amp up and jam with her. She has a flawless voice, transitioning from her baritone chest voice to an angelic falsetto seamlessly. The complete package of talent, uniqueness and charisma, Perth is lucky to hold such an artist.

After a short break the crowd had got what they came for as Matt Corby and his band humbly graced the stage. Starting off with a few from the new album Telluric mixed in with some of Corby's first singles, he had the crowd mesmerised from the get-go.

Corby and the band immediately gelled and were unblemished. It helped that Corby didn't spend too much time on the loop machine… until Monday of course. Although there was no band at this time, this song was large enough to entice the whole theatre to dance. Oh, and in case you didn't know, he can play the flute now.

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Although Corby is a pure art form in himself, if he were to have a downfall it would be that he is quite shy on stage and doesn't interact much with the crowd. But, as the show goes on he begins to open up and you can catch his little smiles to himself when everything is sounding "ay-ok".

Through Corby's new album and performances he has definitely grown as a bluesy rock'n'roll kind of artist. Closing his encore with Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come it seems young Corby has undoubtedly been listening to our old friend soul music.

Corby finished the night off with a shot of whisky with the band, followed by coughing and struggling afterwards — this Perth show was a prime way to finish off the Telluric tour.