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Album Review: Little Hurricane - Homewrecker

19 September 2012 | 10:28 am | Madeleine O’Gorman

Homewrecker is one outstanding debut and one that has ‘cult following’ written all over it.

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Could Little Hurricane fill the void left behind by The White Stripes? While the parallels will no doubt be drawn from their debut Homewrecker, this San Diego duo has a point of difference. Made up of Celeste 'CC' Spina on drums and Tone Catalano on guitar, Little Hurricane were born to a love of soul and blues, yet rather than solely resemble their predecessors, they've breathed new life into the weathered genre.

Little Hurricane have achieved a rare feat for a debut LP.  They've established their parameters – that is, contemporary rock and blues – and instead of straying with fillers, they maintain a dark consistency across the entire album. The inevitable comparisons to the 'Whites are established from the opening track Crocodile Tears, a rhythmic blues tune with an ominous tinge that chugs away beneath the call-and-response vocals between the duo. The contrast between Spina's honeyed vocals and the threatening musical backdrop is the perfect point of tension, making it a standout track. Catalano shines with charging riffs and differing verse-to-chorus vocal tones in Trouble Ahead and Fourth Of July, yet is just as striking in the acoustic-driven Get By.

Spina and Catalano team up again in Shortbread, another standout track. Spina's one vocal line in the chorus forms the crux of the tale, singing, “Start a fire in my heart” to which Catalano responds with pained precision, “That's what I'm trying to do.” Sweet Pea follows suit with a devastatingly plea from Catalano to a lover who fled, but it's the choice of the outstanding Give Em Hell to close the record that really sharpens their collection. Homewrecker is one outstanding debut and one that has 'cult following' written all over it.