Album Review: Lamb of God - 'Resolution'

22 January 2012 | 11:37 am | Staff Writer
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Pure Lamb of God in a nutshell.

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Lamb of God simply don't do things in half measures. They don't ease into the water one foot at a time. They jump. Both deep and decisively. Their sound is trademark. Their style revered.

It doesn't mean their career has been marked as entirely flawless. Equally, it doesn't mean that their music is always without fault. But more than a cursory observation suggests Lamb of God's place in contemporary metal is as necessary as it is assured.

Enter studio album seven, 'Resolution'. The opening groans of Randy Blythe quickly make way for the downtrodden and sludgy metal stylings that signpost opener 'Straight for the Sun'. This is Lamb of God in a comfortable element.

'Resolution' is not the most fashionable of releases. It's not clean-cut and proper. Instead, it's dirty, articulate and dare we say mature. And that's the important distinction really. While, we'd all like to have our cake and eat it to, 'Resolution' has an enduring function attached to it, which will ensure this sound is influential to many up and coming metal bands for years to come.

'Resolution' is not in the masterpiece category but that's no deterrent. Just take it for what it is and embrace the confidence that radiates from the collective. While 'Wrath' was solid and around the mark it did miss in certain points.  2012 Lamb of God seems more renewed and subsequently 'Resolution' feels more balanced.

Chris Adler's prominent rolling double kick-patterns are still utilised and that understated groovy rhythm section still in place. 'The Undertow' is an adequate track that keeps the album well-paced. While, 'Invictus' is more thrasher. In comparison, 'Insurrection' mixes things up, with Blythe's vocal range focusing on a more throatier and at times softer range. Essentially, it has a classical metal feel ongoing. However, it's not all in-your-face, pummelling metal, 'The Number Six' contains and introduces some subtle harmony. Closer, 'King Me' begins in moody and quieter fashion before finishing with a consistent Lamb of God sound we've come to know.

The general and popular assumption suggests that this is Lamb of God simply being Lamb of God. And really, who wants to argue with that?

It would leave a bad taste in the collective mouths of listeners if 'Resolution' failed to set the early tone in 2012. Thankfully, the aforementioned release presents everything one would expect. 'Resolution' digs itself in and revels in a dense sound that will put a smile on fans faces as they surely headbang along.

1. Straight For The Sun

2. Desolation

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3. Ghost Walking

4. Guilty

5. The Undertow

6. The Number Six

7. Barbarosa

8. Invictus

9. Cheated

10. Insurrection

11. Terminally Unique

12. To The End

13. Visitation

14. King Me