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Live Review: Ingrid Michaelson, David Lazarus

18 March 2015 | 3:31 pm | Kershia Wong

The seasoned performer creates a night to remember.

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It was a night filled with banter, laughter, and a whole lot of sass.

Opening act and local boy David Lazarus warmed the crowd up with his charming personality and sweet love songs. Equipped with a guitar in his hand, harmonica in his mouth and a stomp box at his foot, Lazarus’ laid-back and relatable attitude was infectious. The audience was definitely mesmerised after he perfectly executed a mash-up that included around 20 songs.

When Ingrid Michaelson took to the stage, her open and honest personality shone through immediately as she casually expressed the bizarreness, for her, of jumping from the Rosemount’s backyard venue and right onto stage. Being Michaelson’s first time in Perth, she brought only two other guitarists and musicians, Allie Moss and Billy Libby. Despite the lack of a percussionist, they soon proved that the trio was more than enough.

“I’m kind of a fucking big deal in America. I have people to tune my instruments for me,” she joked as she explained her lack of ability to multitask while tuning. The band opened their set with Soldier, with perfect harmonies that set the tone for the musicians’ musical prowess expected that night.

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Michaelson, clad in a simple black dress and her signature glasses, made attempts at the Australian accent between songs, along with witty banter that included calling one of her most popular songs, Be Ok, a “whore that gets around”.

Anyone could tell the singer-songwriter was a seasoned performer, as Michaelson responded to the crowd’s movements and interruptions halfway through songs without even flinching. She also made the crowd express their own sass, encouraging them to put on their best diva voice as they sang with her on her latest single, Time Machine.

The New York-based musician also brought out her cover of Cant Help Falling In Love, a solo piano rendition, her angelic and fragile voice delivering it as a heartbreaking lullaby.

Not neglecting her long-time fans, Michaelson ensured they got a taste of You And I, Breakable, and The Way I Am from her first album, which all became singalongs with the crowd.

The hour and 15 minutes went by very quickly, but Michaelson was captivating in every way throughout. The way her expression changed with each song, the way she interacted with the crowd, and how natural and unscripted the entire show was made it a night to remember for all present.