Live Review: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Judge Pino & The Ruling Motions, Saskwatch

2 August 2012 | 8:51 am | Clementine Lloyd

Falling headfirst into opener Judge Pino & The Ruling Motions, one would be forgiven for thinking they are watching The Jam spliced with Madness, dolled up as the five-piece are in slick grey suits and trilby hats, careering about the stage to a set up of semi-punk reggae. Ending with a rendition of Ghetto Girl by John Hope, their set is well received by the crowd who have managed to brave the cold to make it to the venue early.

Second act Saskwatch have more of a crowd, possibly owing to their recent triple j fame. And rightfully bestowed it is, given their talent for touching your heart with soul as well as getting down and dirty. Alive with brass, bass and guitar, the singer shimmers like a re-discovered jewel.

Nicely segueing into the brassy night we have ahead, Saskwatch abandon us to the whims of the one and only Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. First on the scene in 2004 with a self released album, their shows have become the stuff of legend. It's easy to see why. Their goal is to elevate us from economy to first class – “mind, body and soul,” they state – cutting the bright lights in order to “make it sexy up in here”.

Not being heavy on lyrics, their audience banter is a main focus, and with extra MCing thrown in we start to move with them as one organism. Dancing uncontrollably through Indigo, the harmonic trumpet sections and fast-paced beat prepares us for the well-known number War.

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Cutting the lights completely for Mars, we are left only with our phone lights, making for a total sense of abandon in our little star ship. As we are launched into Party Started, undulating with its infectious drums and pounding trumpets, the call back quote of “I get the party started”, to our “you keep the party jumping” has us all in raptures. Shirts are off, sweat hangs in the air, and it seems that these guys were the soundtrack for every big event in our history, and will be at every stage in the future. Infectious, elemental, smart and overwhelming, they will be piped out across the world on 21 December 2012 – our Mayan predicted downfall. Get yourself a ticket. It's going to be filthy.