Live Review: Gignition - Swan Basement

29 May 2012 | 6:47 pm | Melissa Coci

"Gignition was a punk and hardcore special, and overall it showed the future of these scenes is in safe hands."

Last Sunday's Gignition was a punk and hardcore special, and overall it showed the future of these scenes is in safe hands. Apologies to the first band Gold Days. Due to a mix up with starting times, this scribe missed their set. However, word abounded that they were impressive for their young age and used the differing vocals between the bassist and lead singer to good effect.

Also in the hardcore spirit was Shadow City. This was their first show without their bassist and rhythm guitarist. Regardless, they were pretty good. The lead singer had energy and a strong voice. The set worked best when vocals were shared, giving the tunes more variation. The highlight was a cover of Rihanna(!)'s Talk That Talk. Shadow City shows promise but they could work on their transitions and stage presence. And it's amazing how off-putting a pair of sandals can be…

The best set of the night belonged to Instz Gratz (the first z is silent). Headed by Jack Salmon (son of Kim Salmon), a tight, white jean wearing, Cramps loving 21-year-old, the band played catchy, energetic songs about fast food, 'indie bitches' and youth reigning supreme. The drummer was impressive but the guitarists were self-conscious at times. Though, seeing as it was only the band's second gig, this was understandable. Throw in some more confidence and Instz Gratz look set for big things.

Escape ended the night on a high. Every member rocked out and made wise use of the stage. The contrast between the lead singer's deep growl and the guitarist's surprisingly melodic voice worked well. This is a band that looks like they want bigger and better things and are prepared to do what it takes to get there. Perhaps one day when they trash their instruments at the end of a show they'll have roadies to clean up the mess!

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