Live Review: Frenzal Rhomb, Leeches!, Naked Wizard

19 June 2017 | 3:16 pm | Simon Holland

"The band is special - maybe not musically gifted, maybe not classy, but they brought what the '90s youth needed."

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There is something a little special about '90s punk rock - the youth of the era overthrowing the corporate bullshit of the Alan Bond-enamored Baby Boomers with their shitty feathered hair and shoulder pads. God, what a bunch of drips. Things had to change - and the '90s soundtracks were 'right place, right time' to provide the catalyst for the overhaul.

With another great album in the books, class act Frenzal Rhomb take their rightful place on the Australian Mount Rushmore of insane '90s acts that have stood the test of time.

First with an away game, Naked Wizard show they know how to win on the road. A four-piece with serious attitude and a certain magic, their track How Do You Sleep At Night? is an anthem that could catch fire in the hearts of today's youth. Chuggy riffs and soaring vocal melodies aplenty and you have a serious recipe for punk win.

Hard-edged and desperate Leeches! added a frantic energy to the stage - a chaotic three-piece with a crunchy sound that filled up the venue. They pumped out tracks at a rate of knots with Rags and Born And Bred Fuckhead - short, snappy songs packed with energy proving that any band worth their salt is getting the message across in less than a minute.

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If there is an institution for Australians that have contributed the most to Australian culture it would include Fred Hollows, Andrew Denton, the guys from Cheez TV and Frenzal Rhomb - is anyone even going to argue with that line-up? The band is special - maybe not musically gifted, maybe not classy, but they brought what the '90s youth needed; a recognition that anarchy and freewill had their rightful place at the table.

Their new album Hi-Vis High Tea continues to analyse current uniquely Australian cultural traits and kick them in the teeth. New tracks Classic Pervert and School Reunion feature all the classic traits of good Frenzal energy, with The Black Prince serving the slow ball change-up. In terms of the live show nothing poured the bleachers into the mosh pit like classics. Genius set the pace and quick follow-up Ship Of Beers added that electricity to the room. After being on the road for 20 years, it's good to see that not one single thing has changed for this magical and special band. Go you good thing!