Live Review: Fat Shans Festivus II

13 March 2013 | 1:50 pm | Tess Ingram

In two short years the name Fat Shans has become synonymous with the forefront of exceptional West Australian music.

There were balloons, booze, and singing a plenty as Fat Shans rang in their second birthday at The Bakery. And like any good party, there was an eclectic mix of family present. 

It was only their second live gig, but Don & Jon pulled a well-oiled show to kick off the festivities. A new band compiled of experienced musicians, Don & Jon performed like seasoned veterans and set the bar high for an evening of talented West Aussie musicians. Party makers The Collective arrived full of swagger and sass, spitting out high-quality rhymes left, right and centre. Including the likes of FG, Archi, Empty, Diger Rockwell and DJ Silence, the Collective were outstanding but were unfortunately staunched by an early timeslot. The gang would have heard much more applause had they played later in the evening. Runner was up next with an impressive set. Sometimes having one vocalist just isn't enough, so Runner have three. Combined with double drum power, the band provided some brilliant harmonies, and vibrant and impressive instrumental breakdowns.

Apricot Rail and Perth followed. The bands share a raft of similar talent, making for a swift changeover, but remain unique acts in their own right. On the back of a new release, the former returned with their signature thoughtful, down-tempo instrumental. Both complex and somehow still simple, Apricot Rail are a compelling live act. Perth, a fairly new addition to the local live music scene, performed a selection of beautiful, layered atmospheric songs. Reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky, these lads are worthy of the name of our fair city. Shy Panther was the first band to perform to the full-Bakery-oven and knocked everyone into a steamy trip-hop swing, The boys never fail to impress with their captivating Radiohead-esque tunes and killer hair do's, and frontman Fragomeni's heady voice on top of a now dual drum line was a tasty late night treat.

Midnight ticked over as Perth live music veterans Timothy Nelson And The Infidels flicked the switch to dance mode. Twelve people on stage sounds like a headache but the Infidels always seem to capture organised chaos in that envious, Edward Sharpe talented kind of way. The night came to a close under the careful guidance of Kucka. Currently making the break from experimental act to buzz band, Kucka are one to keep an eye on. These talented Perthians epitomise the forefront of modern electronic music but it is the way that their music's synthetic sheen and Lowther's trippy vocals veil a sinister undercurrent that make these young entrepreneurs a perfect, slightly darker end to the night. A$AP Rocky is a fan, enough said.

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In two short years the name Fat Shans has become synonymous with the forefront of exceptional West Australian music, and as the screen behind the festivities most lauded guests read… merci, arigato, gracias. Thank you Fat Shans.