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Live Review: Drapht, Mathas, The Brow

19 December 2016 | 11:00 am | Aneta Grulichova

"Just when you thought the crowd couldn't get any crazier..."

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With the sun setting in the background, The Urban Orchard filled with chatty people enjoying a good Sunday session and getting ready for some great local acts. Seven-piece The Brow warmed the crowd with their energetic hip-hop set, rapper Nicholas Owen bouncing around on stage in contrast to Talia Hart's smooth vocals. From Circles to The Mantra, The Brow looked like they were having a party up on stage, enjoying every moment.

As the sky darkened and the lights lit up The Orchard, Mathas walked on stage dressed in a formal suit with suitcase in hand, parking himself into a seat next to a table with a phone. He launched into his interesting set rapping Bravo Troll and Stone Cold Sober, and getting the crowd pumped for the night ahead.

"Perth city, put your hands up! Put your hands up!" Drapht screamed to the adoring crowd as soon as he jumped up on stage. He launched into Sing It (The Life of Riley) and All Love, as he bounced around like a kid on sugar, not missing a beat with every lyric clear as day.

Drapht paid tribute to his mates Hilltop Hoods by covering their 2014 hit, Cosby Sweater, causing the crowd to squeal with excitement. We got our groove on and sang the lyrics back to Drapht who was smiling ear to ear. The energy was turned up a notch as he launched into Jimmy Recard. The crowd exploded with delight as Drapht covered his triple j version of The Avalanches' Frankie Sinatra and the mosh became a sea of moving bodies and hands. "Hope you have your dancing shoes, people," Drapht said as he launched into Rapunzel and Dancin' John Doe. Just when you thought the crowd couldn't get any crazier, they did. 

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'I don't normally do two songs for encore, but I may as well seeing I'm home," he said to the crowd before he launched into Where Yah From off his 2008 Brothers Grimm album that got the crowd bouncing, dancing and singing along. Drapht brought his infectious energy to the stage, always grinning like a happy little kid while moving around the stage.