Live Review: Dig It Up! - The Astor

14 May 2012 | 5:25 pm | Michael Caves

Prehistoric rock abounded for the final show of the Hoodoo Gurus' Dig It Up! Tour, travelling the country to commemorate 30 years of Le Guru recorded music as well as the release of their debut album Stoneage Romeos. While the audience were still filing in, '70s New York rockers The Fleshtones began their bluesy garage rock set that was full of over-the-top dance antics from lead vocalist Peter Zaremba and the rest of the four-piece. Ending their bizarre act with a tribute anthem to The Ramones and some push-ups out front of house, the stage was set for anything after their ice breaking routine.

The uber-cool, power pop band Redd Kross pulled up on stage next and filled the dark, moodily illuminated hall with a hard-hitting gritty rock performance that left you wondering where had these guys been all these years. It was obvious many fans had come to see this rare appearance, for each song performed received a worthy cheer and howl.

After a stage change, some rearranging of the dinosaurs that flanked the wings of the stage and a few false starts from the audience, who were by now in a frenzied state of anticipation, the Hoodoo Gurus strolled on stage to cheers all round and proceeded to launch into the complete rendition of 1984 album Stoneage Romeos from start to finish. It only took until track two, I Want You Back, for the jovial fans to sing along in reminiscing rock'n'roll bliss. Frontman Dave Faulkner had such charming stage presence, he looked like he was having the time of his life up there and throughout the show he imparted background banter about the old songs and how blown away he and the Gurus were about the success and interest in the tour. Classic tracks like Leilani displayed the 'Gurus in all their grandeur, with chanting vocals in unison and explosive wah-wah guitars. The final Stoneage... track, I Was A Kamikaze Pilot, seemed to come up so quick and Faulkner announced the first encore, but without leaving the stage. This next part of the show took the 'Gurus through at least seven more of the classic hits with Bittersweet getting huge cheers and audience approval and 1000 Miles Away sending the devoted fans nuts. After two further encores, Faulkner happily thanked all the bands who had toured with them over the last month and invited The Fleshtones, Redd Kross and audience members to join them on stage for a foray on Gary Glitter's Rock And Roll – Part 2, ending a memorable show with grins all round.