Album Review: Diamond - 'Don't Lose Your Cool'

24 December 2011 | 10:58 am | Staff Writer
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A solid release that should cement longevity for the group.

Usually when hardcore musicians make a foray into alternative rock the results are surprisingly good, Rival Schools being a great example that pops into mind. The same thing has happened with Diamond, which features members from groups such as Trapped Under Ice and Down To Nothing, who are now making melodic rock songs for the masses.

This kind of music is obviously more appealing to a wider range of people than hardcore which has its niche markets, so Diamond will probably be around for a while longer based on the success that an EP as strong as ‘Don’t Lose Your Cool will probably bring.

Opening track Sunburn sets the scene for the rest of the EP but will be most notable for showing off Justin Gilman’s smooth vocals which fit this pop tinged rock sound perfectly. Second track Fix Of Mine mellows things out slightly but also contains some of the catchiest melodies on the EP. It is clear that this particular group of musicians are extremely talented song writers, with the structures falling somewhere in between the classic styles of early Weezer songs but with enough “new” ideas to make this music relevant.

The mid-section of the EP, starting with the chilled out radio wonder Fly Solo, will exemplify just how tight this band really are. By the time we hit the title track the band have really found their stride, especially on The Feeling, a softer rock song which still has a hint of attitude and is the EP standout.

Interestingly enough the band excel the further away they get from their original hardcore roots. The vocals lead Keep Dreamin’ with Gilman once again being given the opportunity to show off his impressive range before the whole thing is closed off with sixties sounding Pleasantries, which takes its cues again from Weezer and is another record highlight.

Diamond are on a winner, combining brilliant song writing with extremely tight performances, all wrapped up in a sound that will catch the ear of pretty much everybody who enjoys any kind of rock music. It will be a huge surprise if we do not see and hear bigger things from this band in the near future.

1. Sunburn

2. Fix Of Mine

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3. Fly Solo

4. Don’t Lose Your Cool

5. The Feeling

6. Keep Dreamin’

7. Pleasantries