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Live Review: Death Grips

3 August 2017 | 11:55 am | Brendan Delavere

"This show oozed violence with intent."

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Snaking down Enmore Road, the line for one of the most hotly anticipated shows of the year blocked the path outside the Enmore Theatre.

The crowd inside was a buzz of eager punters, growing restless as the time ticked on. The scheduled start time came and went with no sign of the audiovisual soundscape that was listed on the set times. Would the notorious Death Grips turn up? They've cancelled shows last minute before, would Sydney suffer as well?

The chants for Death Grips grew louder before the entire crowd took part in an a capella rendition of Smash Mouth's All Star. Movement on stage from a sound guy caused the crowd to call and respond to his throws of 'hey hey'. But as the stage bathed in red light, the crowd erupted - it was time.

The three-piece took the stage, launching into top gear and staying there for the entire set. A rumbling, primal take on music that sat somewhere between rap, electro and metal. Static-like synths, blast beats and tribal rhythms, words spat with a flow that would see rap pioneers turn in their graves.

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Get Got, with its primitive, brutal vibes, had the crowd crushing. This show oozed violence with intent, and Giving Bad People Good Ideas further pushed the intensity.

MC Ride (aka Stefan Burnett) was aggressive and imposing on stage, tall and muscular, he moved like sinew as he stalked the dark stage, while Zach Hill was a demon behind the kit, drumming to the point of injury.

For an hour the trio didn't let up, each song moulded seamlessly into the next without break. Nothing was spoken, it was pure welcome to the jungle. Closing with monster single Guillotine, the sold-out Enmore screamed the chorus back at Burnett.

Walking into the cold, ears ringing, you knew this was a one of a kind show.