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Album Review: Death From Above - Outrage! Is Now

5 September 2017 | 2:46 pm | Guido Farnell

"Although less obviously playful, there is still plenty of bounce..."

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No longer referencing 1979, Death From Above (not to be confused with The DFA) didn't make fans wait another decade for the follow-up to 2014's The Physical World.

Back in 2004, Sebastien Grainger and Jesse F Keeler were a kind of fun, dance-punk outfit. In 2017, the music the duo produce is just a little darker and heavier. Much like Royal Blood who are also a drum/bass duo, Death From Above get back to basics and harness the elemental force of this minimal combination and they furiously rock it hard and rough. Although less obviously playful, there is still plenty of bounce about Grainger's beats and a sense of fun drives Keeler's thunderous solos, which have that vintage, 70s Zeppelin vibe about them. Although there are still some synths in the mix, this albums grunge also delivers loud, hard blasts of rock noise such that there is very little room for light and shade. 

Outrage! Is Now doesn't provide the political commentary that the title suggests, rather the dark and heavy vibes they spin feel more like a sad reflection of the times.  


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