Live Review: Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, Ferla, Bitch Diesel

2 November 2016 | 4:56 pm | Bradley Armstrong

Tonight they're on and it's captivating from beginning to end.

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Tonight isn't sung from the rooftops, but deserves to be. For the second edition of two intimate shows, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks return to their spiritual home: The Old Bar. Naturally, it sells out quickly and, following the release of the instant classic One Of Us and its sold-out launch at The Croxton, a bit of hype/joy is splattered around the venue.

Bitch Diesel open and they are fiery and fuzzy. Vocal deliveries are brash yelps that complement the aesthetic of the music. They end with a seemingly impromptu rendition of Iggy Pop's trademark I Wanna Be Your Dog, a tough track to tackle due to the original's popularity, but the band's efforts work and suit them rather well.

Ferla rival Sydney's Donny Benet in terms of raw, hairy sexuality in their imagery. But musically it's not that much of a raunchy affair. This four-piece of new league, Old Bar regulars are a little more indie-pop than is perceived. While maybe a sore thumb on the bill stylistically, they offer something unashamedly different. The mix is well-rounded although perhaps a little quiet, which kind of takes the starch out of a few tracks. But, overall, there is a lot to love here and Ferla could just be that band you'll take home to meet your parents one day.

It's that time! We scramble for a view, spilling beer on the other sardines packed in the tin while angling constantly to get closer to the stage. It's time for the Royal Rumble: it's time for Cash Savage & The Last Drinks. Performance-wise, the band are typically incredible. Tonight they're on and it's captivating from beginning to end. One Of Us and I'm In Love are two defining moments where the intimacy and heartfelt deliveries can be felt up the very back of the room, universally. It makes our toes curl and the crowd lets out a hearty cheer. The louder numbers such as Falling, Landing and Run With The Dogs are equally powerful, dynamically peaking as they seamlessly jam out playing off one another. Closer Rat-a-tat-tat feels like it should have its own dedicated jukebox here as the sing-along, fist-pumping, certified banger feels so natural in this environment. Despite some smells wafting in from the smoking area, it is the most addictive thing in the room tonight.

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You could argue that tonight should have been the One Of Us launch. To experience this excellent record in the way we do this evening is most assuredly a special time that will not be forgotten any time soon.